Renew ARC and change address

I am an university student. My ARC will be expired in September and I am currently moving to the new place for summer internship. Do I need to go to NIA to change my residential address or just wait for 2 months and renew it at the same time. My internship will last to the end of August then I will move back to Taipei :frowning:

It’s pretty easy to change an address on an ARC. You visit an NIA office, fill out a form, pay a small fee, then wait a few days. They’ll give you a document saying your ARC is being processed, in case you get asked to show it by a cop, etc. I’m not sure how the virus restrictions affect this - maybe it would be best to call the nearest NIA office.

You could wait the 2 months, but you can be fined for not notifying them that you’ve moved, and any mail they send you will be to your old address. I’ve let it slide before, though, and nothing happened.

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So I just go to the closest NIA office to notify the change. It is not necessary to be the Taipei NIA office (where I get my ARC first release) right? By the way, how much I will get fine if I don’t notify the address changing? Thank you for your answer.

Changing address you have 2 weeks to notify NIA and update your address in your ARC! If I remember well, the penalty is 15000NTD.

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Looks like all fines are suspended during level 3. You can stay put when your ARC expires.


Thanks Slawa. Do you have a link to the original?

It was posted in the official government Line group @1955mw_ph|

語言 帳號名稱 好友連結 id
印尼 1955ID 發展署1955ID | LINE Official Account @1955mw_id
越南 1955VN 發展署1955VN | LINE Official Account @1955mw_vn
泰文 1955TH 發展署1955TH | LINE Official Account @1955mw_th
英文 1955PH 發展署1955PH | LINE Official Account @1955mw_ph

Hi, I am still a bit confused, what do they mean by saying “”ARC holder who has no grounds for extending residency, but was approved for extension of the deadline to leave Taiwan”, can you help me explain it? I afraid I am not listed in this case since I am in my 3rd year of university and still have 1 more year to study in Taiwan with the student ARC.

This does not affect you then. It is for people who need to renew ARC or their ARC is about to expire.

My understanding is that ARCS during the level 3 stage of the pandemic will be automatically renewed for 30 days until the alert level goes down. When the alert level goes down to 2 then you have to go to an office in person to renew it. Is this correct?
(The renewal periods differ based on your status but just want to know if the thrust of it is correct). Thanks.

Found out that ARCS, depending on date issued, might not fall into this automatic renewal cycle. So be careful about that.

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According to this report published yesterday by Focus Taiwan, the answer seems to be “yes.”


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Hope this is the right thread and somebody can clarify this article:

I’m due to collect a 6 month ARC extension soon but apparently the government has suspended all ARC services? So what am I meant to do with an ARC that’s currently ‘processing’?

If you still have the ARC, it’s valid with the extension. If you’re waiting for the new ARC, call immigration I guess? I’d imagine if you have your old one still you have nothing to worry about and can collect the 6 month extension one when they resume service.

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I still have the old one. My job and work permit are set to expire soon, so I put in a request (literally yesterday!) at immigration for a 6 month job seeking ARC. I was given a receipt with a date to collect the new ARC (end of this month).

I’ll call immigration tomorrow and see what the deal is.

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