Renewal of South African Driver's License

Rummaging around behind my desk this evening, I came across my license, and happened to notice that it expires on 04/01/2007.

Firstly, I assume that means the beginning of January (couldn’t cross reference my birth date to be sure, as the latter has the same day and month).

Secondly, does anyone know what happens in the ultra-probable event that I don’t go home before that expiry date? I had a look at the uninformative Department of Transport website, and found one story about enormous backlogs in the processing of renewals, and another item on the Department of Foreign Affairs website making mention of a required eye-test as well as passport-proof that you were outside the country exempts you from paying any penalties.

Thirdly, I know at least one person (okay, the sister of a friend, so it’s creeping into urban legend territory I know) who was in England when her license expired, and when she returned to South Africa she had to retake her test. Anyone know if this is happening?

Does anyone have any experience with this?
I would ask my mommy and daddy for help, but they’re cavorting around the world, possibly in Alaska right now, and wouldn’t be of any use.