Renewing a Gold Card (outside of Taiwan)

(Searched but did not find anything, though I could have missed it.)
So I’ve got a Gold Card and would like to renew it, since between family matters and COVID I haven’t had a chance to actually move to Taiwan, and it’s set to expire this summer.
Does anyone know anything about the procedure to renew it, or if there is one? Timeframe, documentation, costs?

The gold card office recently released a checklist of items you’ll need to submit if you are applying for the first time as well as if you are renewing:外國特定專業人才資格條件.pdf

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Thanks for that!
I’m just trying to figure out the time frame. I suppose not many people have renewed at this point anyway since there are relatively few Gold Cards that would have expired already. We are still in isolation where I am (I have elderly unvaccinated parents) and I can’t pop down to New York and do whatever it is they’ll want done, so trying to figure it out in advance.

Of course it would be nice if I could just go to Taiwan and handle it on that end instead.

Yeah, the checklist posted above is pretty thorough. I saw it a few days ago and saved it for when I need it.

I have no special knowledge about the timeframe, but since you technically need to reapply rather than “renew” a gold card I’m guessing that the worst case scenario would be that it’s treated as a new application in the same queue as everyone else, so ~60 days at the moment. I might be wrong though.

Sounds about right. Thanks!