Renewing ARC while in the states...possible?

My ARC is set to expire in about a month, and I’d like to renew it…is it possible to do so while residing in America. I tried calling TECO but they didnt help me much…can anyone help me?

You probably could if … you send your passport, ARC and a POA … to Taiwan and let someone handle it … I could be wrong tho …

It can be done; you just need someone here to do it for you. Its the same process as if you were in Taiwan and your employer handled renewing/obtaining your ARC. The only obvious difference being that you would have to courier over your passport/ARC and other originals (ie. work permit, chop, and the like) that you hold with you in the States.

Any results on this? I’d like to do the same but the police apparently told my relatives that it can’t be done. THey said a current entry stamp is needed.

If anyone has actually renewed their ARC by proxy, please let me know.