Renewing the Spousal Visa

Hey there, I’m renewing my spousal visa. I’ve looked at the posts I saw under my search, but my situation has some complications:

  1. Last time, I did it when I lived in Taipei. Now I live in Taoyuan county. Furthermore, the government seems to think I live in Taipei still (since I haven’t changed my address/registration with them; I know this because I had to go to Taipei to pick up my government stimulus vouchers a few months ago). So, Where do I go to renew my visa? Will I have to go to the office in Taipei and then the office in Taoyuan county or what?

  2. My wife changed her legal name since my last renewal. I presume I will need to bring a copy of the change of name form…

  3. I have until this Friday! (I’m a die-hard procrastinator)

Also, Are there any helpful websites or phone numbers I can call? Thanks for any help!

Spousal Visa? What’s that? Do you mean your JFRV? That doesn’t need to be renewed. Do you mean your ARC? To renew that you have to go to the office of your current registered location. If you move you have to go to the office in your new currently registered location. You can do both at the same time. By registered location, I mean your household registration/Hukou. Have you changed the address on that?

Useful number: 0800-024-111

Yeah, my ARC. Sorry, I always just call it my spousal visa. So I can do that at my new location without making a trip back to Taipei? I’m registered with my in-laws who live here in Taoyuan county, but the government still thinks I live in Taipei where I lived when I first got married.

Just visit the most local NIA, and say “We just moved and I also want to renew my ARC”. They will tell you what to fill out.

For me they required (for renew few months ago):

  • Multipurpose form with all your data (its where you can put your new address too).
  • 2 passport photos
  • Household registration document (which you can get from any Household Registration Office 20 TWD)
  • 1000 NT for one year, 3000 NT for 3 years.