Rent-a-Garden Spots Taipei Area

Are there any rent-a-garden spots around Taipei where someone could grow vegetables, flowers, etc? Is it even a thing?

I sometimes see little garden plots lined up but I imagine they are just used by people adhoc without any kind of real management.

Not sure about taipei locations. But its definately a thing in taiwan on the outskirts of cities with lower real estate value and/or on farmland that has been caught and cant be developed.

Garden spots include this kind of one?

台北市市民農園 - 台北市農會

In Beitou / yangMingShan.

Thats it! At least the ones promoted by government.

“At present, the citizen farm in Taipei City is about 10 units, and the monthly internship cost is 800~1200 yuan”

I know of some of my neighbors who rent plots in close to Xiao Bitan, in Xindian.

Hey that link doesn’t work. I really want to rent a plot of land and that price looks so affordable. Where did you find that information? My line ID is blaken555.


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What’s the legality of staking your own claim in unused land. There are a lot of people around me who have vegetable or flower plots. There’s a lot hidden in the tall grass by a river. It’s like a maze through a hidden botanical garden. With snakes.

There isnt likely unclaimed land, just land that isnt monitored :wink:

There are quite a lot of farms doing it guerrilla style, but it’s not legal. River beds are you common one due to obvious water availability. Asude from land rights, its not great due to chemicals ending.up in said rivers and ocean.

I dont know any personally in taipei, but community gardens and similar type places are all over taiwan near cities, even in the south. Becoming popular. Could become a thing, like parking lots. Best bet is to just stop and ask people in one you see while driving around. Maybe ask the permaculture folk on facebook seems right up their alley!

Well, that link is 2 years old.

If you don’t know how internets work, one trick is to just back up out of the URL address until you find something to start with.

Like this

Your Google or whatever you’re using should automatically translate.

Please report back to us what you find.

Where do you want to rent a plot of land? Taipei or not and where in Taipei? Or where?

Yeah…don’t do this. It’s of course illegal.

But, Taiwanese do it ALL THE TIME and never get hammered for it.

I caught one asshole who had started using a back corner of my property and he couldn’t understand why what he was doing was unacceptable because after all, “It’s not being used.”

I was walking by a neighbor farmer’s field one night at 11:30pm and a scooter riding husband and wife were pulling out turnips to take home for free. I photographed and took video of them and their scooter, confiscated the turnips and turned them in the next day. Nothing happened to them, but my neighbor was appreciative.

If you don’t own the land, don’t walk on it, don’t farm on it, don’t park on it, don’t use it.

Some do get hammered. In extreme cases there is the odd murder of the poor unsuspecting worker sub contracted to cut down the fruit trees for the land owner (government). Its just usually not a big deal if buildings and trees arent involved in the flatlands. However the usual arguments and entitled behaviour is to be expected. I dont think the average westerner has the grit to go through with it once it hits the fan to be honest.