Rent-a-partner services for CNY

Maybe someone should try a rent-a-foreigner business.

Ok, someone help me do the Math. This is going to be expensive:

88 per hour X 24 hours X at least a week in the old country … hmmm, a lot.

Now add plane ticket, room and board…puff, a lotta money.

There are a lot of rich lonely people.

Lots of poor lonely people too.

kidnapping is looked down upon by most. Prostitution is far better.

Isnt the whole foreigner for hire thing already old? China and japan have been doing it for a while.

Just speaking for myself here, you couldn’t pay me enough to spend time with someone’s family for CNY. Life’s just too short for shit like that.


88 NT an hour doesn’t seem like much to me.

It’s in Singapore Dollars which is on par with Canadian and Australian dollars.

Thats the average going rate for marriage.

With ROI like that, might as well stay single… :sunglasses:

This is funny and maybe not so funny as it’s not regulated. No background checks on these folks or families.

Folks hope they are going to be hired to go on a date with some from the “Meet The Fockers” or “Sucession” but in reality more likely to meet some motley crew “Parasite” rejects.