Rent an apartment in Taipei

Hi, I am a Ph.D. student from Spain with a grant for 6 moths in NTU for the next course, and I’m going crazy to find and apartment.
I try search in but I do not receive a reply, I also tried on rent.591 but the language makes it difficult for me. Anyone konws a good web for search an apartment near NTU in Taipei

A hug to everyone

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use google translator on 591? its not that hard to learn how to use it anyway and its pretty much the best option.

The problem in 591, is that i have no taiwan phone number, and i cant login.

Do not rent anything from outside if Taiwan. Come here, have a look and check. There are plenty of affordable hostels and Airbnb to stay a couple of weeks. Do not again rent anything without checking first.

You do not need an account to check 591. Better use

No se arriesgue a alquilar apartamento desde el extranjero. Usted no sabe las condiciones que puede haber. Tenga cuidado con los apartamentos anunciados para extranjeros. Generalmente tienen sobreprecio y recientemente hay una banda de enganadores que alquilan a terceras personas. No se desespere y caiga en un problema que le haga perder mucho dinero.

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Thank you for the advise

Hi! I am the founder of and I currently live in Taipei. My Room Abroad is the fastest growing rental platform for student housing in Taipei. We created it because of the lack of solutions to book your room in advance in Taipei.
We collected over 1500 rooms with English contracts around universities. Most of the rooms are near NTUB. We meet face to face with all the landlords to make sure that they can speak English and that they can help the students if there is a problem in the apartment. Our website is in English to help the students to easily understand it. So far we have been helping students from NTNU, CLD, ICLP, NCCU, NTUST, NTUT, TKU, Fu Jen, NTUB, Academia Sinica and Soochow.

We have met in person and are trusted by several parties in the expat ecosystem in Taipei such as:
-Rental Facebook Groups:
Looking for Roommates and Appartments in Taipei
Taipei Taiwan Apartment Rentals

For more info and contacts, have a look at the My Room Abroad website or shoot us an email at hello[a]myroomabroad[dot]com .
I hope that this message gives internationals an extra option to safely and easily book your room upfront :wink:


I heard about you guys through one of those FB groups.

I hope the platform serves the community well! Definitely something that the community lacked and needed!

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So I guess you only work with universities and not language schools. A lot of students come to Taiwan and go to a basic language school for 2 weeks or a month or 3 months or whatever they can fit into their schedule and it’s kind of random.

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Hi Tango! Many of the rooms on our platform are indeed filled by language students.We do have partnerships with language schools (NTNU MTC, ICLP, CLD, NTUE, etc.) You can find the link to on the ICLP housing section for example:
The minimal stay accepted depends on the landlord. We have listed rooms with minimum stays of 1 month, 3 months, 5 months and 1 year :slight_smile:

I’m marvens I’m preparing to go to the mandarin training Center but I need a place to stay for 1 month at least please contact me my mail let me know about place and process to rent