Rental bikes in Taiwan

Hi,just curious as I might be going to Taiwan next year. I have a bike licence that allows me to ride bikes below 400cc. Is there any where I can rent them in Taiwan and what are the documents that I would need?I would like to know the approximate price for renting a CB400 Super 4 for a day. Can anyone help? Thanks.


well, bikes over 150cc were only legalized here last year and the market is still really new, so unfortunately there’s price to pay for the novelty factor of “big” bikes here… that said there are still many places where you could rent a CB400 V-Tech Spec2 in all the major cities… it would probably cost you around NT$2000-4000 per day depending on how long you take it for and what insurance you want… as for coverting your licence for use in Taiwan, don’t even bother, it’ll be red tape as far as the eye can see… just bring an international licence with your bike licence noted on it…