rental prices for scooters for 1-2weeks - or buy one used?


Dear Forum,

as we enter Taiwan for three weeks and want go sightseeing besides of the tourist places we’ll need a personal transportation. We are on a shoe string and I was kind of shocked about rental scooter prices 800NT/day. If so, we can’t.
Do you have recommendations for rental services for really low prices? No fancy stuff, 125ccm would be nice.
As we think about rental time 2-3 weeks, maybe buying and later re-selling a used bike would be nice. - is there any restriction for that, is it easy? Any web-platform we can search on our own (not in chinese) We have international license with us.

Plz no hints to “public transport” “dangerous drivers” We know what we do.

Best and thank you all, it’s a nice forum here


You can try to negotiate a price with the rental service, but it probably won’t be pretty.

Nonetheless, 800NT/day is pretty expensive. Down in Tainan I rented for 400NT/day. Have you checked all available outlets?

I know a guy that is out in Zhongli that rents his scooters out to visitors. He speaks English , so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier. He normally takes a deposit and also a daily rental fee. I can’t guarantee it’ll be cheaper than the scooter rental shop, but it’s worth a try. If you are interested, give me a PM and I’ll send you his info.


800 is a Taipei price. What you want to do is take a bus to Luodong or a train to Hualien or a high speed rail to Kending where prices should be 300 to 500.


Hi, I rent scooters and motorcycles here with really low prices. I usually charge about 300nt per day, but if you rent for an extended period we can work out a price. You can email me at

I am located in Zhongli, (Taoyuan) which is about 20 min from the airport and about 50 min from Taipei by train, taxi or bus. All my scooters are in good condition, they are fuel injected and have front disc brakes.


Thank you all for your answers. I appreciate that.

One important question at least:
As I checked google street view it is kind of what I expected: Scooters are not allowed to use the main highways, for example the Nr 1 or Nr 3 Teipei->Keelung?

  • are Scooters allowed to use the red signed streets? (e.g. Nr 62 around Keelung)
  • they are allowed to use the normal smaller blue roads
  • or is there a additional rule e.g. below 125ccm you are not allowed, with 125 and above you are allowed?


Scooters are not allowed on freeways (number 1-10 inside a flower shape) or expressways (number 60+ inside a red shield).

Other roads (e.g blue shields) are fine to use, just watch out for signs telling you not to enter certain lanes, overpasses, etc.


To the OP, the price that rk1951 quotes is a good price for rentals, especially if they’re in good condition, have disk brakes, etc.


OP, if you want to you can share your itinerary with us. No pressure to, but we can suggest the “best” route to and from your destination.

There’s a few guys on here that regularly ride their motorcycles on the weekends and can suggest where you can and cannot ride, as well as the more scenic route.


That’s a good idea, thanks for sharing.
We will Start in Zhongli and want to go to Keelung. We want to avoid Teipei traffic. It’s quite difficult. I found a route through the hills south- southeast of Teipei which looks nice.

How do you scooter driver handle navigation system such as google maps, where I can choose only „avoid highways“ but not avoid the red roads?


When I select “Avoid Highways, Avoid Toll Roads” on Google Maps it does not navigate on the red roads. It may appear to sometimes, as is the case for red 61 from Luzhu to Bali, but if you zoom in close to the map the route it gives is actually provincial hwy 15 (blue sign) which runs directly alongside 61.


That’s perfect. I highly recommend hitting up @rk1951 for the rentals!


I would suggest this…

Maybe @Yang_Gui_Zi or @rk1951 can suggest a better route getting out of Zhongli and towards Tucheng since I’m not familiar with the area. However, pretty familiar with Tucheng onto Keelung. If you input This is a route I would take to avoid as much New Taipei and Taipei City traffic.

The worse parts are when you have to go through Xindian, Muzha and some parts of Xizhi but I assure you, it’s better than going through the heart of Taipei City.

There’s an alternative route you can once you pass the Taipei Zoo on the 106 and then climb one of the mountains to the north to hop on over to Keelung. They’re all really nice roads and mountains, but I would be sure you’re up for the extra kms and can ration your gas because there’s no gas stations on the 106.


Could take the long scenic route and go all the way around the northern tip. Just take the 61 through Bali, up through Danshui, past Baishawan, and take the coast highway. Maybe stop by Yehliu while you’re there.

You’ll run into traffic around Danshui, but there’s really no gettin’ around it. You’re gonna have to face Taipei traffic at some point on the way to Keelung (Jilong).