Rental Refund/Desk Refund

My desk rental at a co-working place was up, and I decided not to renew in anticipation of having to cut costs with the upcoming super recession.

But the bastards want 60 days to process the refund of the 2 months deposit that they owe me.

Is this legit? Is there a ceiling on the refund time? I assume that rentals like this are also covered under the Land Act?

They charged a 2 month deposit for a desk rental???

The Hive does it. Kind of bullshit.

They’re probably scared she’ll try to steal the desk when moving out.

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seems no.

A contract term like that may be unenforceable due to Civil Code Art. 247-1, but it would take more than two months for a court to decide that anyway. :doh:

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as long as you are getting the money back it seems legit, maybe too long, but not illegal.
in my company for example the payment cycle is at the end of each month , if you didnt submit your invoice before the 15th of this month, your payment will be remitted on the 25th of the next month, so can be 5 to 6 weeks waiting time.