Renter's rights

My landlady just dropped a bomb on me last night, saying her pregnant daughter is about to have the baby and they’ll be wanting to move in once my current rental contract is up (which is in mid April).

No#1: Isn’t there a 2 month minimum notice period?
No#2: My landlady is famously cheap, and I can almost bet I’ll never again see the 2 months deposit I long ago gave her.

A neighbor suggested I stay put until the deposit money is used up towards rent. However that would be nearly two months past the rental contract’s mid April end…
am I running into dangerous ground here?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

If your contract is up at that time, then I guess that’s your notice…from 12 months ago! Whilst it would have been nice of her to inform you that she would not be renewing the contract, I don’t think she’s obliged to. I wouldn’t try staying past the rental period in order to use up your deposit, most likely you’ll come home from work some day and find the locks have been changed, your stuff is on the street (if you’re lucky) and your deposit long gone. Have you discussed return of deposit with her? You could tell her you’ve found a new place and need the deposit returned now, in order to secure a lease on the new apartment, but make it clear you won’t be moving until your present contract is finished. As usual, discussing these things in a calm and rational manner with your landlord is the best policy.

Sounds very sensible.
Unfortunately I’ve already lost my cool (big time) with this woman in the past, so “calm and rational” have long since taken a flying leap out the window.
We’re currently trying to find a peaceful middle ground via a third party negotiator; dramatic yes, but whatever it takes, right?

Renting sure can suck… :unamused:

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