Renting a car in Taiwan

Any suggestions for renting a car for a month or 2 in Jhubei? gonna do some travelling around the island. That or buying a car and selling…?


Nissan Teana is popular in Jhubei.

Cheers. Any rental companies you can advise?

I have used a rental agency called car plus in the past and was satisfied with the service.
buying might not be an option if you are not a resident.

Depend how long you will stay in Taiwan, I would not suggest you buy the car for the reason just using the car 2 months. And there is 10,000 deductible for any accident happen, Carplus don’t give full cover of insurance, any scratches will cause you to pay.

You can check this Blog for some tips

I have used Chailease Auto Rental (中租租車) for a few days
The online booking process is very easy , however I am not sure if there are special requirements for longer rental

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Thanks for all the help! Will be renting a car as soon as I can leave quarantine

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Just please don’t rent one of those cars you just dump anywhere when finished. I tired of those ugly ass things taking up parking spaces when I visit Taipei. :pray: