Renting a house around Kenting?

Hi folks,

Just complete the tour of the Island this week end and we had a wonderful day yesterday around Kenting. Anyway, it was my second time in the far south and we had good weather this time and I understand why people love it :wink: Swimming in the Pacific on the 1st day of the year (with a water a 25 degres) was cool.

It now comes to my mind that staying in Kenting doesn’t make sense at all. Especially because there are what look like super nice houses to rent on the cape opposite to Eluanbi. Anybody has experience doing this ?


I know of a few people who rent and one who bought a flat in Hengchun, which seems like a nice, cheaper, quieter area than Kenting town. You’d have the nuclear power station nearby which is a bit of an eyesore, but other than that it seems like a fairly pleasant place to live.

Edit: Are you talking about a short or long term rental?

Thanks for the feedback. I would be looking for short term rental, couple of days here and there. I understand that people who have a nice address don’t want to share it here. You guys can PM it to me :slight_smile: Yes, the idea of having the nuclear plant around is annoying but keep in mind there is one less than 20km from Taipei as well…

its nice, but remember its not as nice in winter with constant howling wind. should be easy to find places cheap, just dont start getting all picky with wants and be willing to partially rebuild the place.