Renting a house

Don’t know if it is the right place to post this but we were considering of moving. The idea would be to look for a house with a garden. Are there such a thing around Taipei ? Budget is 60K / month

When you say around Taipei, you might want to be a little more specific. In Yangmei which I just left, I could direct you toward one, and you would have money to spare. That is stretching “Around Taipei” more than a little. Xindian is closer, however traffic is not much better.

Where I live now, in Taipei, there is this Yicui Mountain Villa, where you might find something with a garden at that price, however will be rundown.

It is possible, however in places like tianmu and Xinyi it would be tough.

You can get a pretty nice house with garden in Xindian’s mountains -New garden City (on the way to Wulai) or Little Taipei (Ankeng) for like 20K or so. Ankeng just opened a new highway, but traffic at peak hours is bit awful. Will have MRT… someday. There are plans and designs for it.

That said, on the road to Yangmingshan there are house with gardens, but also have traffic problems especially on weekends plus might be over 60K.

There are jewels to be found thoughout the city, like old Japanese houses in Zhongshan, but you have to be extremely lucky. I have seen them in 591 occasionally, though, so it is possible.

I’ve sent you a pm!