Renting a room in a shared apartment New Taipei or Taoyuan

Hey guys,

In spring of 2022 i will be studying at Ming Chuan university at the edge of taoyuan. I’ve already visited some facebook pages but most rooms seem to be rented out in Taipei center, this would mean that i’d have to ride the bus for over 1,5 hours just to get to school.

Do you have any recommandations for renting a room in either New-Taipei or Taoyuan itself?

Thanks in advance!
but its all in chinese

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I don’t know your Chinese level, but using like so:

Choose “Rentals”

Choose Taoyuan City

Choose Ming Chuan University

You can get an idea of what’s currently available:

The web site can be easily translated to English in the browser if need be.

Ming Chuan also has its own room listing site:

(Choose 01 for Taipei, 02 for New Taipei City, 03 for Taoyuan)
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Next to none hahaah. But thank you for the reccomandation i will look into it!

Thanks! Wasn’t able to find this!