Renting a scooter in Kaoshuing

Does anyone know how much it costs and where to rent a 125 cc scooter in Kaoshuing?

I like to find the contact info of a place within walking distance from the train station. I guess most of them are.

Do they even rent 125cc or bigger bikes?


Across the road from the train station, to the left (as you are walking out of station) of the overpass, on the corner there is a rental place. Prices depend on the age of the bike, but you are looking at about $400nt a day for a 125cc scooter. They have 50-150cc scooters and a few motorbikes, too. We hired legends (野狼)from them before and they were in a pretty bad state, but they did have a couple of newish looking hartfords.

Tell them you are driving to kending or somewhere far and they will get you a better bike (sort of)

Show them any kind of driving licence and it’ll be fine.