Renting Gymnasiums

hey does anybody know if its possible to rent the gyms out at schools or a place similar to a gym? I’m looking for a large open area with smooth floors.

My community has a pretty nice room that I believe they rent out to various courses, yoga instructors, orchestras, etc. It’s in Xizhi though. What kind of activity are you looking to do?

I want to get some private rollerblade classes started but since the weather can be unpredictable up north, i’d like to find a place where weather wouldn’t be a factor.

I don’t think the rooms in my place would be suitable for rollerblade classes. Too small and some window walls. But I know a spot that might be very suitable and also free! It’s in Nankang under highway no.3. There’s a parking space and just behind it there’s an area where people play basketball and some seniors gather there to dance every now and then. You won’t have walls to cover for the rain, but at least you’ll have a roof.
Right under here:

There are roller hockey clubs based in Taoyuan. You should find the surfaces they use. Most are outdoor but covered as elburro mentions.

thanks guys, i guess i’ll put a post up in the other forums asking about roller hockey clubs in taoyuan.