Renting motorcycle in Jinmen


In a couple weeks I want to go to Jinmen for a quick visit. I definitely want to rent a motorcycle, but I don’t know if they check for your license there. When I went to Green Island they didn’t check for one, but in Taidong itself they wouldn’t let me rent a motorcycle because I didn’t have a license.

Should I go through the hassle of getting a license before I go to Jinmen?

I think you’ll need it.

Kinmen is pretty developed and well-policed. I went with my Taiwanese girlfriend and was still asked for my license, so I think you’d be lucky to get a bike without one…

In any case, it would certainly be a good idea to get a license, even if only for the reduction of liability should something go wrong.

i would recommend a car over a bike. Car rental is super cheap and as Jinmen can get super windy, the island is best travelled in a car

i rented a motorbike on jinmen. showed em an (outdated) int’l drivers license and all went well. i prefer bikes to cars on such trips. stopping and looking around is easier on a bike.

It’s hard to see shit from a car. A motorbike is the way to go

I rented a scooter this time last year from the hotel I stayed at (King Ring hotel, I think it was called). I had no problems, they didn’t ask me for anything. It was a pretty laid back island.