Renting music equipment

Anyone know of a place I can rent a decent electric guitar and practice amp in Taipei? What are the logistics involved? Thanks!

You can look through, search, prior posts. You will find Sandman’s excellent directions to Tony’s Music. Or try Galaxy on Chinshan S. Road just south of Zhongxiao E. Road. I don’t know about logistics though. Good luck.

Buy them its cheaper. If you go into Taipei county you can find excellent deals. I got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom for 7000 and a zoom 505II for 2000 which is a steal.

either way check out tony’s…you can get a cheap 2nd hand guitar (ibanez blazer or a fender squirer for eg) and buy a little grunt amp both pretty cheap…it might be NT1000 to rent for a weekend otherwise

The guy at ATB (Tony’s music) said it’s $500 a night for a smaller size amp. I didn’t try to negotiate. You can rent a very cheap guitar at the studio there for $50 NT an hour.