Renting space in Taipei / Yilan; buying land in Yilan

Hello everyone!

I’m not quite sure if this is the correct place to post it (if it’s not, please move it to the right topic.)

I’m searching for a space to rent in Taipei or Yilan, or to be more precise I’d like to find a website where I can look through all available options.

I know about 591, but as far as I understand I can only find apartments or houses there. (If I’m mistaken and there is a way to search for renting other kinds of scape, please let me know how to search for it on 591?).

The place I’d like to rent is for opening a cafe nearby the seaside in Yilan.

There is also interest in finding studio in Taipei big enough for creating artworks.

The last thing which I’m also interested is where I can find information on how to buy land in Yilan? (any government website or anything like 591?)

591 does likely have what you are looking for. Can you read Chinese?

The one I circled is the one labelled storefront.

The highlighted are for New Taipei City and Yilan County, you can only pick one.

For Yilan, pick these four towns:

For New Taipei, you can pick one of these: Five can be selected max

For Keelung, you’ll want these three.

出租 means for hire
出售 mean for sale

Or you can also check out if there are seaside houses you can buy or rent as well to repurpose them as cafes as well. That would be in housing. If you want more specific assistance, feel free to PM me.


Thank you!

I guess I was searching in a wrong section.

Are there any other similar websites in Taiwan, anyway?

You can also check out Rakuya, formerly known as Happy Rent.

Red is the City/County, same thing applies,

Green is type and storefront.

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Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I’ll check them both!

Feel free to walk into real estate locations as well and you can get a human to help look for things for you too. They want that commission. There are a lot of realtors so…happy hunting. Some things aren’t posted on these sites but might be with the realtors as well.

Another thing is you can get the Monthly Pass (New Taipei only) and just take buses around the waterfronts. Some people will post signs on for-sale/for lease housing and store fronts.

Like this.

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Yeah, I had an idea of walking or driving around and search for such renting places. I always notice those sighs around Taipei.

Thanks again, man!
Really helpful!
Especially with screenshots :slight_smile: