Rents in Yilan


Does anyone know approximately how much it is to rent a place in the Yilan area these days?

This would be for a family of three. #3 is a baby, so a one-bedroom would do, but I know that one-bedrooms are pretty rare in TW. One of those little rooftop cottages might be about the size we’re looking for.


Hi there

My family of 6 are moving to Yilan in the next month or 2, and are looking for a place to rent.

We are looking for a place with a minimum of 3 bedrooms, preferably really close to the beach or a park.

Preferably not a high rise, and I don’t mind the bars on the windows etc (with 4 small kids, 3 of them boys - I LOVE the barred windows!).

Also, we are currently living in the south in Pingdong, and so we are looking for a mover that could move us as well, so if you know of any reasonable and reliable movers, I would appreciate info on that too!

If there are other families with kids living in Yilan, I would love to hear from you!


~* Starr *~

I paid $4000NT a month for a two bedroom place not far from the Lo-tung sports park in 2004. I think the average one or two bedroom place back then was around $6000. Slightly more if you’re in the castle in the sports park.