Rep. Weiner to Repubs: put up or shut up on govt health care

Rep. Anthony Weiner challenges Republicans to eliminate government healthcare

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Republicans just lined up to protect a vast number of Americans from the awful inefficiencies of single-payer government health care coverage by eliminating Medicare. NOT. The same way they aren’t demanding that every member of Congress be saved from the atrocious government-provided medical coverage they receive. Nor are they up in arms to “liberate” veterans from the government health care teat at which they suckle.

So just WHO is it the Repubs are really out to protect? The American public - or the insurance industry?

I also love all the ads they have out touting the advantages of “their” health care plan over that of the Democrats (It empowers YOU instead of the government!) Riiiiiigggghhhht - like they made such a priority of health care reform during the SIX YEARS during which they had absolute control of the government!

The GOP successfully shot down health care in the fifties and again in the nineties. (I think there might’ve been a time in the seventies too, but I don’t feel like checking on that.) Something like 60% of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical costs. Are we really gonna let them pull this crap AGAIN?

The Repubiclans’ latest argument against a public option is that millions will…gasp… leave their private insurance plans and opt for government insurance. :runaway: After all, so says the “non-partisan” and “independent” Lewin Group… :America: … which happens to be wholly owned by the UnitedHealth Group. :blush:

But why would people opt for the government plan? :ponder: Because it would be perhaps 40% cheaper! :2cents:

Hmmmm… so, the people will end up spending much less on insurance! And private insurers will have to (horror of horrors!) innovate and compete. How awful! We can’t have that!!! :noway:

Seems the Repubs are implicitly admitting government would be able to provide healthcare more efficiently than private corporations, while also making plain once again that they side with big corporations, not the people.

Imagine that!

Here’s a Moyers interview with insurance company insider Wendell Potter on just how bad this bottom line-drive, Wall Street-controlled industry really is - and the fight it’s putting up to keep Americans from having the basic right to health care coverage that the citizens of every other 1st-world country in the world have:

Health insurance industry insider drops bombshell.