Repeat Prescription for Controlled Drug

Hi, does anyone know if there’s any convenient way to get a repeat prescription for a controlled drug, without actually going back to the hospital? The drug in question is an anxiolytic (oxazolam), which I believe is Schedule 4 in Taiwan.

I was already prescribed this a couple of months ago by a neurologist at Mackay Memorial Hospital and am coming to the end of the 28-day supply I got at the last appointment (I’ve been using it at way less than the prescribed dose, but would prefer to have some to hand).

I’m not really looking for anything sketchy - would just prefer to avoid spending a couple of hours in a hospital at the moment if possible. So I’m wondering if there’s something like a repeat prescription ordering system where I can put in my information, request a refill, and be told that my name is too long and my passport number is invalid and that I should go to the hospital thank you for your consideration.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows of anything. I’ve already tried several pharmacies and been told they can’t issue it as it’s a controlled drug.

No. On the bright side, hospitals are unprecedentedly uncrowded now so your wait may be less. Ask the doctor if he will give you a chronic illness prescription this time, those can be refilled at a pharmacy for up to 3 months.


Thanks, figured it might be a long shot but just thought I’d throw it out there. Might try to head on over there tomorrow then.

I’ve never heard of that, good to know. Does that mean like getting three months supply at once, or getting several prescriptions I can go back and refill when needed?

If you want to avoid the hospital, you could go to any clinic and show that you’re prescribed. They most likely will write you a script if you explain the situation and why you’re avoiding the hospital. Idk what the situation with clinics are right now. But I’ve done this before.


You can go back to a neighborhood pharmacy to refill it twice for another month.


Just to follow up, I decided to go back to the hospital today for a repeat prescription. The neurologist originally agreed to prescribe me the 3 months, then called me back in to say she couldn’t in this case as I don’t have NHI yet and am paying out of pocket.

So I got a one-month supply of 3 tablets a day instead of a three-month supply of 2 tablets a day. All good for the time being. :slightly_smiling_face:

The hospital was quiet for the most part - just one or two other patients in the waiting room and I got seen pretty much immediately. Paying is taking ages though, still queueing now.


In theory, they had actually set up a mechanism where people with chronic diseases could renew their prescriptions at local pharmacies, without having to go to the doctor at the big hospital. But yeah, a controlled substance, that’s trickier.

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