Repeat watches

im sitting here unable to not watch Ronin. It is such a great movie.

what others are unavoidably watched when you see them on the boob tube?


Die Hard 3
Ace Ventura Pet Detective 1
Lord of the Rings

any more?

come on folks, this is not an original post

it’s an “I’m bored post”

what do you watch again and again?

actually I’m just psychoanalysing you all…I have a big black book of weirdness at my side, which I will use against you in the future.

come on now, I watch Daddy Day Care every time it’s on to get pointers for my school. :slight_smile:

Haven’t had cable tv in a couple of years. But the movies in my collection that I watch regularly include:

L.A.Confidential (used to watch it about once a month - it’s somewhat less now)
5th Element
Face Off (whenever I need something “nice and violent” - by the time of the soapy ending, I’m usually sociable again :wink:)

Truth about Cats and Dogs/Pretty Woman/While you were sleeping (when I need some romancing)

And, every time my family drives me crazy:
Home for the holidays (never fails to remind me that my family isn’t necessarily worse than others)


Total Recall. Don’t ask me why. :idunno:

The Godfather Trilogy
The Star Wars Trilogy
The Blues Brothers

yes, watching bad movies again and again is a mystery…I’ve watched Signs or big chunks of it several times since december…ugh

“You’re not going to get famous here!” says Mel

and neither would you Mel if you did this movie 20 years ago…this movie ain’t Mad Max…

Con Air

Rocky 2, 3 and 4 :bravo:


Rocky has been on for a month!

Cabin Boy
I have it on tape.

Years ago when I was in the Marines stationed in Japan, my roomates and I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Floyd the Wall dozens and dozens of times…pretty much every morning getting ready for work.

It scarred me somehow I’m sure.

The good ones…

Muriel’s Wedding - the scene with the mother at the wedding when Muriel walks past her always makes me cry. I have it on VHS, VCD, and DVD.

Grease - I know every single line, lyric, mistake, and face (including the extras who appear in nearly every crowd scene, like the short girl with thick calves who wears pigtails in the carnival scene).

Happy, Texas - “You blow a fuse…the devil cuts loose…when you fall in love.”

And the bad ones…

Nothin’ But Trouble - I get the creeps watching this movie and feel the need to shower and scrub my body of such horrible acting and storylines as well as the terrible, filthy sets…yet like a bad train wreck, there’s a morbid obsession with watching it as the story unfolds on the screen. Should be voted the unfunniest comedy ever.

Look Who’s Talking 1/2/3

Air Bud

It’s Pat

aw, this is just too embarrassing of a list to post when it comes down to the ones I can’t stop watching when they come on TV (rather than when I pop them into my VCD/DVD/VDR player).