Repeatedly attacked by a Drongo

A black drongo bird harrassed the shit out of me while I was driving my scooter in the Reuishui area of Hualien earlier in the week. I was riding along a back country road, and then I heard it singing above me. It followed me for about a minute, continuing to sing. I thought, “oh, how nice,” until it began lunging at my helmet. It swooped down and scratched at my helmet about 8 times until I got near the mountains. Then, on the way back, same small farm road, the bird came at me again, attacking me all the way back to route 9. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Here’s a wiki link to the Drongo:

Hee hee! They can get very aggressive indeed when they’re protecting their nests.

I used to get attacked by blue jays in Oklahoma. But only when I wore the blue cap.

I was even attacked by a magpie recently in Yangmingshan. Must have strayed close to its nest. Unfortunately, I did not have a helmet on. However, the magpie basically just crashed into me with its body and wings as opposed to the drongo, which was clawing at my head. Were it not for the helmet, I’d have been scalped.

A drongo is an idiot in Australian slang, so when you said you’d been attacked by a black drongo bird, well, I dunno, I thought something else.

Magpies are frequent attackers in Australia, but I can’t ever recall being attacked by any wildlife in Taiwan, except mozzies, I suppose.


At least it wasn’t a hawk, they have huge talons and are scary. I agree with the others above, probably a nest in the area.

One of my favorite passtimes as a kid was running the gauntlet of swoopy magpies.