Replaced BB on older bike

I have a 80’s Miyata bike I use as City bike.
Last week my bottom bracket bearing case broke apart.

I took bike to local small bike repair shop young guy does basic repairs, he refused as he said he wouldn’t be able to remove case part still inside bottom frame Lazy tosser.
I bought basic bike kit from Decathlon as I needed a puller for cranks, my bike tools are very limited.
Removed BB including broken part, filed a groove into it and tapped around with a screwdriver and hammer.
Find old bike shop in Zhong’An old boy goes searching finds new kit spindle bearing set and cases, 200nt, we measure, his spindle to long so I say no problem I’ll buy any how as bearings cases all I need use existing spindle, my Chinese is limited.
He refused to sell because to long, I tried to explain I would use existing one, he wouldn’t have it saying I would fit then bring back as it’s wrong size.
So back on search.
Find another shop not far young guys running it, they search bearing set and cases new 500nt! Or new sealed all in one unit 800nt
Guess which one I bought?
Bike running nice and slick now.