Replacing passports overseas

strange question. if i go to taiwan and my passport is damaged, how quickly can i get it replaced? also, if i replace a passport that has the 60-day taiwan visa in it, would it be a simple matter to get a new 60-day visa in the new passport?

wondering if anyone has any experience in this. i’m wondering because my passport is old and a little worn. i haven’t really had any problems using it up till now and thought of just getting a new one before i leave for taiwan in a couple of weeks. the problem is that i don’t think i have to time to it while in the us. i think i’m just going to need to get the visa in it as it is now and hope i can replace it later if the worn state of my passport becomes a problem after i move to taiwan.

Oh, I am on my second foreign obtained passport already. Two options:

  1. Get a temporary one so you can leave the country ASAP; takes a few days only but it’s only valid for leaving and you cannot enter any other country with that - IMHO.

  2. Get a permanent one, but it may take up to 8 weeks (for Germans at least).

You don’t have to transfer the VISA, just make sure you carry your invalidated old passport with you when leaving and entering the country.
For convenience you may transfer the VISA at any time.

Contact the local embassy or trade office here in Taiwan if any country specific rules apply.

If you hold a U.S. passport and the passport gets lost, damaged, stolen, or whatever, you should go to the American Citizen Services unit at the American Institute in Taiwan to apply for a replacement. There you will fill out an application for a replacement passport, pay a US$60 fee and they will forward the paperwork to the Passport Office in Honolulu. Turnaround is two weeks, minimum. If you have a pressing need to return to the States and can’t wait for the replacement passport, they can issue a boarding letter. The boarding letter will permit the airline to board you and INS to admit you to the States. If you travel on a boarding letter, travel must be direct to the States.