Replacing the Satellite Navigation in my 2008 Nissan Teana


I recently purchased a second-hand 2008 Nissan Teana. The previous owner told me that the satellite navigation packed in some time ago and he never bought a new one. I would now like to fit a new one.

The main box for the satellite navigation was hidden inside a little compartment in the glove box. I have since removed it to upload the following pictures:





I don’t think this one can be fixed as none of the lights come on and there is no signal going to the screen. There is also a message written in Chinese on the top of the box which says it is knackered.

Despite the previous owner saying that everything on the car is factory-fitted, I have my doubts about this sat nav. It just doesn’t look like an original Nissan part.

I’ve had a quick look on Yahoo 拍賣 using keywords such as 車主機, Nissan導航 etc. and found one second hand Nissan model going for NT$6,000. However, most of the items for sale seem to be the full system including the screen, wiring and fittings etc. All I need is the “brains” or the main box.

Does anyone know where I could source just the box? I’m not fussed if it isn’t a Nissan original; a third-party model would also do if it is compatible with the existing wiring so that all I need to do is plug and play. They all use standardised connectors these days, don’t they?

I know that I could always buy a Garmin and stick it to the windscreen like the vast majority of people do. However, I don’t like the wires traipsing everywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.