Replies don't always say who I'm replying to


Apologies if this has been posted before. I couldn’t find any other topics about this.

I find that sometimes when I post a reply to someone’s post, it doesn’t always show the poster that I’m replying to. Is this a bug?


No it’s a feature. It doesn’t show the name when you’ve replied to the last post in a thread.


Oh. It used to do that for me. Ok cool. Thanks. Guess I didn’t put two and two together.


It’s been that way forever, so if it was happening for you before it was a bug :slight_smile:


Yeah, I remember seeing it before. But I could be crazy and seeing things too. I didn’t exactly catch the pattern as well. Much appreciated.


Don’t feel bad, it confused me and some other people at some point. There’s a thread somewhere




That’ll do it