Report Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect

Dear Friends

Please report all cases of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Visit the site

Thank you for caring.


Hi Natasha,

Do you work with this organization? Will the English version of the site be up and running any time soon?

I’ve checked this site out before, but without the English version, it’s difficult to get it out to the English-speaking community.

We would love to learn more about this place so I will look into it and let you all know.

Once again, thank you.

This must be the same organization in Bali (Pali) that Straydog and Hannah visited when they were looking for foster care for the dog they had found earlier this year. I visited their website and the place looks legit at first glance. Also besides the place in Bali, they seem to have an office on HsinYi Road Section 4. The addresses listed below were copied from their website. May be worth a visit - they may welcome help from concerned foreigners.

電話:02-2704-0809 傳真:02-2704-0991
劃撥帳號:01296665 戶名:中華民國保護動物協會


Dear Animal Lovers

I have contacted Hank from the Life Conservationist Association,, one of the most active animal protection groups in Taiwan, before to report a case of animal neglect and cruelty. He was extremely helpful.

Please feel free to contact him.

specialist, LCA

You can also register with the RSPCA here:

Mouse over ‘RSPCA International’ and click on ‘Cruelty Complaints’ to make a complaint that the RSPCA will endeavour to follow up, regardless of the country the abuse is happening.

If more of us did this, it would certainly help provoke the Taiwanese organisations/govt to employ more SPCA officers and to actually enforce the Animal Protection Law.

Havilina, do you know what happened to the links and e-mail addresses in your post? I need to report animal abuse urgently. Do you have another e-mail address for Hank?



specialist, LCA


Moderator’s note:

*I added the letters ANTISPAM to the addresses to protect Hank’s mailbox from spam. The first one doesn’t look like a possibe e-mail address anyway - Juba (mod)[/color]