Report driver without a license to the police

I know a taiwanese who drives regularly daddy’s car without a driving-license. The driving skills are terrible, so it sadly would bei just a question of time until something serious might happen.

Therefore, in the interest of the safety of all people being in Taiwan roads, if I report such a case to the police, would and could I face myself some kind of consequences ?

I know I am right, but could that person also report me for … well reporting that person to the police ?

Or should I better just keep my mouth shut and hope for the best ?

Could reporting them even accomplish anything?


Seriously. What do you think the cops are actually going to do?


Well I actually have no idea. I thought they might be obliged to do a follow up on an official report. I am not talking about a verbal note more of an serious accusation, with a written file and an official copy from that police station (well, if such things do exist in Taiwan anyway) …

I know the police is lazy here, but I hardly imagine they would completely ignore me at all.

Hopefully nothing serious will happen anyway, but just in case at least I would have done my part to prevent a potential accident and I might leak an official complain to blame the police !

You can ‘accidentally’ bump into him while being on the road, and call the police.


There are even professional truck drivers that drive without license for decades. If there is no serious accident, the police won’t care much about it.

I’ve been through a few police checks and they usually just wave me through. Once I was asked to do an alcohol check like everyone else. Never was I asked for my drivers license.

The first time they wanted to see it when we called police for a hit and run.

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Isn’t getting caught driving without a license just a fine?

iirc : if you have a license, but dont have it with while driving it’s a fine of 8,000 nt.
if you never bothered getting a license and drive it’s a criminal offense.

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So you can say I don’t have it with me, and only pay the fine.
That’s Taiwan, for better or worse.

Do you drive a scooter or a car? I’m just curious if the experience is the same. I drive scooter and for me as soon as they see I’m a foreigner they just wave me through. I’ve been questioned twice though, once was an emission check point and the other I think was insurance check point, not sure about that one though. Both times after about 2 questions they give up and say never mind you can go.


I have a friend who has been driving in Taiwan for thirty years without a license. Should I report him?

The last accident I was in the responsibility for it wasn’t 100% clear cut, when I reported it to my insurance company their lawyer noted my international permit was close to expiring and reminded me that if I did not have a valid license my insurance was invalid. Could be just that company, could be just the added extras in my policy but I wouldn’t want to find out the hard way that no license=no insurance.

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Article 21- Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act

I drive a car. As soon as they see me, most policemen wave me trough, the rest gives up when I respond in English :laughing:

That might change when ‘Taiwan becomes bilingual nation by 2030’ :rofl:
If that actually happens I start responding in German or Russian.


I haven’t driven in Taiwan for six years but recently got a license that will transfer. I don’t plan to drive because I live downtown now.

That said… in the past I bumped a moped (it was my fault). I had only my current US license and an expired international license. The cop did not care. Maybe it made me “more wrong” in the eyes of the law, idk. I basically paid $4000 nt for moped repairs, signed a little statement and was fine.

It always surprises me when there is something that is a “huge deal” in the US but doesn’t matter here, and vice versa. In the States driving on an expired license is a huge deal, but here it’s really not. The law works very differently here. I honestly wish there was some middle ground. I probably should have had at least some slap on the wrist. I think folk should be licensed, but I expect no police station will really care.

No it doesn’t. You just pay the fine for driving without license. In your case the cop didn’t care enough to issue a fine.

I think he figured US license + expired international license = good enough. As long as I made the moped driver whole it was no problem (she was not a great driver either, and had been in another recent accident). On the other hand, if I’d ended up in court don’t you think it would have hurt me?

It is not considered relevant to determine who is at fault in an accident.
Have recent experience as a family member on a scooter had an accident driving without a license (practicing few weeks before obtaining one). Was not at fault as the car turning hit the scooter from behind. Just had to pay the fine and was compensated from other driver for damages.

I got away with being waved through for years in Kaohsiung, Pingdong and Tainan at all manner of checkpoints. No license, no problem. (5 years ago), you could probably be rip roaring drunk and they’d wave you through lol.

Taichung cops are another breed and will insist on breath tests and drivers licenses when they see foreigners. I was breath tested every few weeks in Taichung. Taipei I don’t know but I assume they are more sticklers being the capital city and all.

I been breathalyzed in Taipei with no license. I was stopped quite recently and they scan your ARC and know straight away if you have a license. Still no hassle. They just told me to head on over to the license office sometime to sort my shit out. They were actually amused to hear I’ve never got a single ticket in thirty years in Taiwan.