Report Kinks here

Please report problems you encounter with the new website in this thread. If it seems like an urgent problem (privacy or security related), please e-mail the admins at


Before I forget, a couple of already known issues:

  1. The Search is not ready yet. I’ve only ported over about half of the search database (this puppy is over 125 MB! I guess it means that we talk (write) too much)

  2. Please let us know what you think of the speed of this webhost. For those of you who are curious, we are now located at Dreamhost and they are PACKED with features and friendly technical support. (And if you do host there, please make sure to mention that and sent you :slight_smile: [thanks again, Mark!])

  3. Please note down other modifications you would like to see returned.

  4. I met some of the Segue moderators last week. So far, we plan to keep Guanxi and the Shops. Check the archives for updates

I logged in when the first login page appeared. But it didn’t log me in and I had to log in again to post this. I didn’t check the “log me in automatically” box.

Maybe I just have a good connection today, but it seems faster.

The old forums page at doesn’t always display the banner indicating the move, so maybe not everyone knows what’s going on. Also the banner is perhaps not all that noticable.

Yeah… the log me in each time I visit bit doesn’t seem to be working

I tried it again and checked the “log me in automatically” and it seems to be working OK. Maybe the problem is with the temporary cookie, but the permanent cookie is OK.


I take it all back. The damn thing logged me out just after I posted this. I had to log back in to edit this post again.

I get logged in alright.

But when I check the “Posts since last visit”, read one of the posts, go back to “Posts since last visit” and refresh, it doesn’t mark the post as “read”.

When I first logged in this morning, I read five new posts. I got these as “new posts” when I logged in again just now. Am I the only one with this problem?


Edit: Even for this post that I wrote myself, I got the “new post” flag in the “posts since last visit” after I had submitted.

I have that problem too. gus just needs to change the cookies settings I believe.

It all looks funny and there are no breaks between the posts

Can I report my kinks here? I’m into S&M and leather. Anyone else?

Thanks for the tip. I’ve changed the settings – please let me knkow if y’all still have the log out problem.

What do you mean? There are breaks in the posts at the old website??

Is the domain getting swapped now? doesn’t work anymore (for me).

Oh my! I think I just did something really dumb!!

I was snooping around the domain registrar where Segue is set up, just getting things ready for the transfer this week. Then I realized that I CANNOT do the transfer until I move all of my e-mail out of my mail box. Yet, inexplicably, I went ahead and pressed “OK” for something that I couldn’t read (it is written in Chinese).

I’ve since printed out the web page and asked someone to explain to me what I “OK’ed” --> I’ve apparently “frozen” the domain name.

I’ll figure out what this means tomorrow and then go about moving my mailbox and then proceed to re-direct the whole DNS setup.

Put this one down as one of my more moronic moments!

Btw, (ahem), do you like the new name ( I’m sure I can twist my friend’s arm about hanging on to it.

I don’t mean to sound too critical, but NO! Oriented was good, Segue was, um, less good, and Forumosa is worse.

Couldn’t find a link here from today.


Is the site slowing down again?
I feel I have to wait forever to change pages, and switch between fora.


How about the one Maoman suggested a while back in the insiders’ forum?

I get an error message when I try to go to I can go to without problems though. I think the forumosa name is cool, but if you change names all the time you will lose people. There are probably a few who got lost in the change from oriented to segue and probably a few more lost at the moment.


I’m frequently getting “invalid session” messages when I attempt to post. Don’t know if you are tinkering at those times or whether there is something else going on… like maybe the computer just doesn’t like what I have to say! :shock:

Folks, the domain name is “frozen”. Indeed, with it inacessible for the next few days, I can’t even check e-mail! Ugh.

When I do get that unfrozen, I’ll be redirecting the domain name only after I figure out how to transfer my e-mail (I’ll probably just download once and for all — finally). Expect normalcy in this matter by next week.

I haven’t been working much on the site these past two days (in case you didn’t know, I’m trying to get a [real] job!) so the slowdowns you are reporting are not related to me. It will help if you are certain the slowdown is related to this website and not your connections (you can test this by visiting has so far impressed me with the breadth and depth of its features. If you are in the market for a webhost – consider them. Their support and monitoring tools are the most sophisticated I’ve seen yet, and they are very open about their quality of performance. Let’s all keep checking to see how good/bad it turns out.

The invalid session messages will need a bit more attention. Give me the weekend to research this (btw, if you want, you can help us all out by doing a bit of research at

Regarding the name change – I’m likeing more and more. This will be the last name change (at least while I’m around on this project :slight_smile:)

See the “Expect turbulence ahead” thread for information on this problem. … c&start=15

This is a problem that many board administrators cannot correct or do not want to correct because of the consequences.