Reporter screaming on a slide

As per title. Dunno why the guys of Cheezeburger thought it was interesting, but looking at the views, well, judge yourselves. Taipei on the news! … /#comments

Hahahaha her scream is so ridiculous

Wahyahayahayahayahayhaaaa and they translated it to, lmfao

She’s Hakka. She screams in 7 tones.

Several million views in a few days. I think that the popularity of Angry Birds very much has to do with the popularity of this clip. Plus shes pretty cute and that doesnt hurt. Plus its all very natural. Her getting herself ready for the camera (not knowing it was already on) and the echo of her screaming as she rounded an unseen corner.

Pretty hilarious . I find myself going back to that clip daily to check the comments.

And seems hakka is rather an unusual language. It sounds pretty unique her last words before she went down the slide (apparently to mordor) "yado yaha sukuna " or something like that.