Reporting an ongoing crime in the U.S (Chicago)

I know that I sometime (usually) overreact but I recently heard from a friend in Chicago that lead me to believe that he/she was being held hostage. I know that sounds ridiculous but this person used words and phrases that alerted me. Now this person is known to be in Chicago (not really but the same situation). What should I do? Call 911? Ya that will NOT work. Go online and find metro police? Sounds good. Did it. Metro Desk: Hello, how can I help you? ahhhh, it’s a bit difficult but I am calling long distance and need some help making sure my friend is ok because she doesn’t sound like she is.
"HER: What is he name?

What is her addresss?
Sorry, I dont know.
What is her phone number?
Sorry, I dont know

Try again at another option that actually works, Mr Roman at Major accidents. (I know it wasnt a major accident but when you try to get a live body, you’ll see what I mean. I accepted Mr. Roman.)
Same questions, same results
Pisssed off:
Call City Desk: Sure to get a reporter for a hard on for a story.
Same questions, Same result. - That guys name was “Bill” by the way. Mine was “Bob”, by the way.
Before 911, you call in a crime and somebody responded. If me mum was being butchered upon the hearth none of these fucking yokels would have responded. Easier to collect the remains on the morrow.
If anyone has any delusions, try reporting an ongoing homicide within your home (heaven forbid) to the local constabulary. You will get hung up on or told to call 911, etc, even though you have told them you are calling from abroad. Cads; each and every one.
In all seriouisness, this is a big problem with crime reporting. NOBODY will listen to you, they want information to which you do not have access and frankly, most of them really don’t give a shit. The hoicide tomorrow is more interesting than the crime today. Give me me 9 iron Kathryn.
Mr. Roman! 4!!!

How exactly did that conversation go with your friend? This I gotta hear