Reporting feature in the Taipei Pass app is awesome!

The Taipei Pass (台北通) app has a “service” tab at the bottom where you can report issues from within the app for a variety of categories, from COVID-19 related, to environmental violations, down to parking violations. The form is way simpler than the Taipei police form and I’ve always gotten a response within a few weeks.

Most recently, I reported a big trash pile around my neighborhood that was gross and unsightly. I received a response that it would be cleaned up, anti-littering notices were posted, and cameras will be installed to prevent it in the future. Way to go Taipei!


How much of that has actually happened?!


They cleaned it up and posted notices, they said the cameras will be installed in September by the local cleaning team. They also listed the dates the cleaning took place and the notices were posted.


Cool, very nice! Sounds like Mayor Ko has managed to drain the swamp somewhat and get some actions going to improve Taipei’s livability!

Anyone know if there is a similar app for New Taipei and whether it gets results?


Do you have to report in Chinese, or do they allow other languages?

I wrote in English and was replied in English from IT department. May depend on the department which will be deemed responsible for the complaint.


Ke P does seem to be fully interested in a fully automated city and infrastructure. Seems, might be wrong. For better or worse, taipei will be the first to go such ways.

That is grratthey are are taking actions now against littering and such. Promising. And in English no less!

Agreed with @slawa it seems to depend. The first report I submitted was in English and I got a reply in Chinese, so I just started submitting in Chinese from then on.

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We need this in Kaohsiung!

SO MANY violations around my neighborhood. Businesses blocking entire sidewalks with their wares, neighbors partially blocking sidewalks with their potted plants, trees planted into the sidewalks by the city in desperate need of attention, and not to mention streets without sidewalks in desperate need of a sidewalk. :sweat_smile: