Reporting parking violations to the police

That I would like that but it would only result in me being jailed for impersonating and gov official

All the “flexibility” with building codes have heavily impacted many streets as what are illegal building jut out onto the street causing even more narrow streets.
Then there are the buildings actually built on parking lots. My wife’s sister owns an apartment in a building with 8 parking places for 8 apartments. Problem is that a guy in a 1F apartment has built an office in the parking lot covering 3 spaces and parks his car in another space…giving him a total of 4 spaces…leaving 4 for the other 7 apartments. He has somehow intimidated everyone so no one called the authorities when he built the office. (The sister did call the authorities when the people in apartment above them started building another apartment on the roof.)

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I am glad someone wrote about this. I heard that you actually get paid for reporting them. Is this true?


No. You can get paid for evidence of environmental breeches which lead to fines though, typically littering offences and smoky vehicles.

If you got paid for reporting traffic offences I’d be a f’king gazillionaire by now, the satisfaction of picturing Mr “Red lights and traffic rules don’t apply to me because I’m special” signing for his fine is more than enough for me.


I’m glad people don’t get paid for that. Otherwise you cultivate a snitch culture whereby people who aren’t even affected by something can cash in. If it’s in your neighborhood I’m all for snitching on parking violators.


I’ve got 110 on speed dial for reporting parking violations. They finally wisened up and accepted my request made earlier this year to make more of the streets in my neighborhood part of the 退出騎樓 ordinance. After ~1 year of living here, illegal parking and cluttered sidewalks are almost a thing of the past.

I’m sure other local residents have noticed and appreciated the difference. Anyone who thinks they can’t have any effect is part of the problem.


this would not be bad.

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You’d be surprised!

The area where I live has a building code of max 2 floors. All of the houses in our street are 3 floors high (roof apartments) and some even 4. :sweat_smile:


Has anyone seen, in Taipei, those guys riding around on green Gogoros putting tickets on cars? I assume they’re something like a meter maid. Has this actually improved the situation? They only seem to work on major roads. I never see them in my neighborhood.

Yes, meter maids, they’ve been around forever. They are not cops and can’t issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles, nor do they call the cops to report them.

I’ve never been a fan of snitching unless it affects me or my immediate neighborhood directly. In addition to me not being a cop and not playing one on TV, I leave that job for them. Plus video from others can be doctored.

They’re not “tickets” they’re parking fees, they only put them on cars in legal paid parking spaces. Doesn’t improve anything, dis improve in some cases as people park on red lines beyond the legal spots and therefore park for free.

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I always found that to be a strange loophole.
You can park in the red line to avoid getting a parking payment invoice. I may have availed myself of that once or twice :slight_smile:

So they’re just serving the parking spot owners? They work for the government right?

They mark the time each car has been in a spot to collect payments.

I remember in Taichung one time I was parked in a legal parking spot.
The meter maid guy came up and ticketed my car in front of me.
Right beside my car, there was another parked on the pavement illegally.
That guy paid nothing.

Yeah…Taichung. It’s really messed up. It’s such a poor policy that actually encourage poor behaviour.
I assume things are getting better there…slowly.


They work for the government, probably as contractors.
Not their job to mess with illegally parked cars in Taichung.
It would honestly be dangerous for them. However they should report the cars as being illegally park and they should be towed…but…Taichung.

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