Repost of the Day (for real this time!)

  1. That’s disrespectful to my ancestors (ancient aliens). :no_no:

  2. I know you haven’t been kicked out of the Lounge (see below).

I don’t get the connection with your ancestors…

The guy in the meme is the Ancient Aliens guy. Of course he’s much more handsome than @yyy, but they’re only distantly related.

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But the meme posted has nothing to do with aliens, except that uses his face. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is the one below disrespectful to reporters?

Or to time-travelers stuck on the same day?
Or to groundhogs?

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Once you become a meme, all bets are off…

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We’re all distantly related. But please don’t remind me, eh? :roll_eyes:


@Marco you were supposed to catch him. Do you wanna be a ReCop or not?! :rage:

Btw I wonder if I should get stricter on you until you shape up, Polo.

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Dear Fine Octopus.

It’s transformative because it has the extra bit, adding to the joke.

You love playing Shane Botwin to my Detective Ouellette, don’t you? :unamused:


Forumosa Marco liked this (Ouellette)

And you remember how the story ends? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Never heard of the story. Too lazy to google. 5 day long weekend still in bed.


Repost, but well worth it.

I thought we were on the same side! :astonished:

How about every time I catch you in flagrante delicto, you need to watch one season of Weeds? That way you would find out what horrible fate you’re heading for by turning down the opportunity to join the forces of good, and you’ll get the reference I made a few posts ago. Win-win! :rainbow:

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Do aliens have photographic memories? :flushed:

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