Republican National Convention (why are they so jingoistic?)

I was watching the convention last night and i couldnt help but be struck by all the marching music and that whole retro patriotic zeal and corniness on display. I suppose that’s meant to appeal to their constituents, but i’d truly like to know why that’s so attractive to anyone in this day and age. I find it very bizarre and while i’m patriotic myself, and I’m IN the US right now, i don’t quite follow that sort of extreme nationalistic chauvinism that’s a hallmark of this party.

Otherwise, McCain gave a great speech, and i enjoyed hearing the Iraqi woman speak, although i don’t think she’s representative at all. I didn’t watch too closely as i was busy, but wondering if any of ya’ll have seen any of it.

Loads of protestors in NYC! Danny Glover, Michael Moore…

Incredible. We have Alien calling the GOP jingoistic before praising the retarded retro 60s style protestism so beloved of the aging left. Peace man! More tie dye! Fuck the system! Corporations are evil! Pass the doobie! :unamused:

And you didn’t find cramming the stage with Vietnam vets a wee bit retro patriotic"? And didn’t you think that having your candidate announce “My name’s John Kerry and I’m reporting for duty!” just a little bit corny?

Of course it is corny and patriotic - its the Republican National Convention. And of course Boston was corny and patriotic - that was the Democratic National Convention.

In order to win an election in the USA, you have to be two things above all:

  1. Corny
  2. Patriotic

Either in that order, or reversed.

Consider the two most successful presidents of recent times - Clinton and Reagan. They had their differences: Clinton was corny on the one hand and patriotic on the other. Whereas Reagan was patriotic on the one hand and corny on the other.

Because of the electoral college system, the election has to work like this. Corny patriotism plays well in the south and the mid-west. Patriotic corn plays well on the Eastern and Western seaboards. Corniness will get you about 135 electoral college votes; patriotism about the same amount, and the rest will be a mixture of the two.

Fortunately, this year we have the clear-cut choice between a corny patriot and a patriotic cornball.

Is it against the law not to end a speach with ‘…and God bless America’?

Oh my goodness, gasp, someone might be religious?! Blasphemy. Much better to practice the religion of cynicism and let it all hang out now and I am doing my thing and live for today and make love not war? Interesting that the adherents of humanism and moral equivalence and moral relativism are so intolerant of those that practice traditional religions. Scorn. Sneer. Ignorance. Superstition. Or am I reading too much into this?

A little too much Fred. I thought the same about the democrats too. I’m not against being religious. My father is very Catholic, as was my mother, and I tend to find rabidly anti-religious folk to be fairly ignorant. But don’t you ever get the feeling that all these very religious politicians might be professing a little too much?

Works for me. I don’t have a problem with religion. Don’t believe in forcing it down anyone’s throat but do not think that they have to shut up about their personal beliefs either. Up to them. Supposed to be a free country and all that right? That means being able to talk about your religious beliefs just as much as the Left talks about humanism and moral equivalence and moral relativism. No one is saying that everyone in America has to think the same way nor is anyone being forced to do so. What next? Should the pope stop talking about God lest it offend someone who is not religious?

What marching music were they playing? “Horst Wessel”? The GOP should not let Trent Lott choose the convention music…

Now, John Philip Sousa does kinda kick ass in a corny sort of way.


GOOD POINT! On the Kerry thing!!
I concede.

But this convention has a completely different slant to it than the DNC, if you’ve got a chance to see any of it. And it’s best to view on CSPAN, so those damn analyssts (same ones) won’t cloud your opinions.

I loved watching Arnold tonight, and even the Bush twins (they’re sooo funny and cute! Although i think the jenna one won’t age as well as her grandmother…)
But my god, it’s like 1958. Laura Bush and her powder blue suit. The Battle Hymn of the Republic. The whole, “We’re saving the world” attitutude. It’s like these people have been hiding in a bomb shelter for 50 years and have just emerged.

And Fred, the Republicans aren’t the only ones who are religious, they’re just the ones who believe they have a personal relationship with Jesus.

He’s ready to fight in the war on terror, too. Just don’t know what side he’ll take.

He’s ready to fight in the war on terror, too. Just don’t know what side he’ll take.[/quote]

Oh man. That was so funny. I’m a Californian. I’m a Conservative. I’m a Republican. I’m a Arnie fan. But that was just too funny of a pic. :laughing:

What does that mean?

I tend to think liberals are deeply religious. Self-worship. Or, worship of idols, like trees and nature. Environmentalism (as opposed to the secular conservationsim that I was taught in Boy Scouts) is a real religious. When you hear people talk about it, it is with the same fever and passion of a southern baptist minister.

Correction: they’re just the ones who believe that Jesus has a personal relationship with them – which explains a lot if you think about it.

That quote suits you quite well Spookie! haha

Well give me a codified system that makes sense rather than all this Wiccan, Tarot card readings, horoscopes, crystals, fengshui, New Age shit so beloved of the mindless left. What’s your sign baby? What’s your rising sign? What’s your favorite pizza topping and what does it tell about your religious beliefs? And the Left looks down its collective nose at the backward religious beliefs of redneck Christians? Increible!

tick tock tick tock tick tock

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

That quote suits you quite well Spookie! haha[/quote]

More on my half-baked conspiracy theory.


This situation is getting interesting. I’m thinking of starting my own thread:
“Conflict of Interest or anti-Semitism?”

Let him be investigated and the guilty prosecuted. I am sure that you feel the same way about the Russians and Chinese that are frequently captured spying?


My beef isn’t with furriners. It’s with American citizens of various stripes who have apparently divided loyalties – and try to hide them behind sacred cows.

As to your jaunty sangfroid about the prospect of ‘all’ the guilty being flushed out and prosecuted, it’s a well-founded sangfroid indeed:

“American counterintelligence officials say that Israeli espionage cases are difficult to investigate, because they involve an important ally that enjoys broad political influence in Washington. Several officials said that a number of espionage investigations involving Israel had been dropped or suppressed in the past in the face of political pressure. The last major Israeli spy case to become public involved Jonathan Pollard, a Naval intelligence analyst who was arrested in 1985 for passing large volumes of classified material to his Israeli intelligence handlers. He was sentenced to life in prison, and over the years, Israeli officials have lobbied American presidents to try to win his release.”

Getting back to jingoistic conventions, interesting to see how Bush shouts and gesticulates wildly when he speaks these days. Has he been working out in front of a mirror lately?

“We know that September 11 requires our country to think differently: We must, and we will, confront threats to America before it is too late,” Bush said, slamming his fist on the podium with a great thud that resounded through the convention hall. “About 40 nations stand beside us in Afghanistan, and some 30 in Iraq!”

And then the GOPsters responded: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I bet those coconuts from Vanuatu and monkeys from Morocco have been coming in handy in our war on terror. :loco:

“Hi. I’m Zell Miller and I approve of this convention!”