Republican Senate candidate GETTING DIVORCED!

Not only that, but his estranged wife is preparing to marry Sir Paul McCartney (who happens to be a British citizen, and NOT an American – hello, folks, anyone see the security risk inherent in THAT?)!!!

Talk about slimeball, hypocritical, unfit-for-public office candidates. The guy wants to take an oath to diligently serve his country, but he couldn’t even fulfill his oath to his wife. Word has it he swore to stand by his wife for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. BUT NOW HE’S QUITTING ON HER. Probably found some little bimbo whose tits don’t sag as much as his wife’s, or maybe he finally got tired of her nagging or her grating voice or her annoying little laugh. Or maybe he claims that they no longer share common interests. But so what? He took an oath and now he’s ready to renege on it.

Typical Republican. The guy’s clearly a lying, scheming, manipulative warmonger, in favor of drilling for oil in national wilderness areas, relaxing environmental and labor laws and lowering taxes for corporations, cutting healthcare for ordinary working people, installing military on the Mexican border, and invading Iran to secure their oil reserves.

Obviously the fact that he would be willing to divorce his wife after vowing to stand by her is proof of all that and anyone who can’t see that is a granola-munching, Kennedy loving, tax and spend commie liberal and this story would be on the front page of every paper if the liberal media weren’t in bed with President Hussein Obama and his terrorist pals.

Just sayin.

[quote] If you want an idea of how pathetic the New York Republican Party currently is, here’s a hint: For Senate, they nominated Paul McCartney’s Girlfriend’s Husband.

Bruce Blakeman, a lawyer, was picked to run against U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand, who was appointed to Hillary Clinton’s old seat, was not regarded as all that strong a candidate. Until now.

Here are Blakeman’s qualifications:

  • He was a Nassau County legislator a couple of eons ago.
  • He ran a dismal and unsuccessful campaign for state comptroller in 1998.
  • He has a pulse.

Of much greater interest, his estranged wife, Nancy Shevell, is dating the former Beatle, and they are expected to marry when Mrs. Blakeman’s divorce becomes final. . . [/quote] … 99715.html

It’ll be most interesting to see how THIS story develops. :wink:

MT, your highly nuanced and balanced post raises an interesting point.
Firstly, it shows just how “liberal” modern republicans and conservatives in the US are. You would think that divorce would end a man’s career as it is oftentimes proof of poor judgment and/or breaking a vow to a loved one and a higher power. However, divorce does not seem to carry any stigma, and it’s been this way for a while. Look at Reagan. The religious right didn’t seem to mind. Nowadays, multiple divorces hardly raise an eyebrow. Look at Rush Limbaugh - just married his fourth.

Anyway, sex is filthy - it would be better if all our male politicians were eunuchs.

Divorce? :astonished: Perish the thought! Only latte-eating, arugula-drinking, Grey-Poupon-spreading, elitist, californicating lieberal demonrat soooooooooocialist pukes like Algore, Klintoon and Barry Soetoro would dare consider divorce! Family Values, don’tcha know! Says so in the Bibble!

This development about a Republican candidate sharing his wife out for the pleasuring of rock stars is not going to be news. After all, in GOP recent history, we’ve got Hastert and other Republican leadership knowing but doing nothing about serial child predator Mark Foley in their midst, you’ve got that foot-tappin’ sex-solicitin’ Senator Craig making his way through the stalls of America’s airports, you’ve got Ted Klaudt “harvesting eggs” from teen girls, and so on… the idea of a GOPper packing his wife off to serve as a geriatric groupie seems to be on the mild side now.