Required doc's for (work) residence in Taipei


(you may scroll down to my questions below and skip the first part)

I am planning to come to Taipei in March 2004. I will find a job in IT (I am a software developer) and arrange the work/residence permit, at that time (with help of my employer).

After looking for a while on all the visa / government websites, I didn’t get much wiser about which documents are important to take with me from The Netherlands (NL). Certainly, birth certificate and certificate of good behaviour are very important to take to Taiwan. But the Taipei Representative Office in NL told me they have no specific information on Taipei, and I should find out myself. I looked on (Taipei City Police Dept.) and other government sites, like immigration and boca, but I would rather check this information with those who have already been through this procedure (like a double check, to be sure). Because this is all really official, and might be subject to differences with the “practical” process.

So, my questions:

  1. which doc’s are important to take with me from NL? (next to the obvious birth certificate, certificate of good behaviour)

  2. should they be translated to Chinese? All or some of them? Which of them?

  3. what is a “certificate of birth & death”?

  4. if I would phone the TCPD, can they talk to me in (understandable) English? And, are those people willing to help…?

I hope anyone can clarify these matters to me.
Thanks for any help… it is appreciated

Kind regards,

Breda, The Netherlands