Required Hours of Study Increased for Student ARC?

My girlfriend has been studying Mandarin at Feng Chia University in Taichung since December. She applied for and received her ARC in May, after five months of study. During all of this time, she’s been studying 12 hours per week, which we were told was the minimum needed to qualify for an ARC.

The new term started last week, and now the Language Center is telling her that she needs to study 16 hours per week instead of the usual 12 in order to retain her ARC. It seems like they might be trying to crack down on those who use student visas to work illegally.

Has anyone else heard about this?

Yes, started this month. I heard the number was 15 hours.

It could be, but Feng Chia only has classes in 2 hour blocks, so 15 hours isn’t possible.

If 15 hours isn’t possible because of the university timetable then i would suggest talking to them about it.