Requirements for electronic equipment

I am moving next month in Taipei.
I have a TFT LCD display working between 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.6A

–> will it work in Taipei?

Please advise on the electrical specs in Taipei

Same as USA.

Taiwan uses 120 volts at 60hz with the same plug style as US and Japan. However, most places do not have grounded plugs (3 prong) but only ungrounded plugs (2 prong) while most computer equipment has grounded (3 prong) plugs. You will be able to get grounded to ungrounded adaptors for around TWD15-30 from any electronics shop. If your monitor has a non-US plug, you’ll need to get a converter plug which will cost TWD20-50 depending on the style. As long as it is a common one like UK style or Europlug, it’ll be easy to get an adaptor, but there’s many shops where you can get the more obscure plug adaptors.

You could easily get the adaptor when you get here, it’s simple and easy. since your monitor works at a range of 100 ~ 240V.