Requirements for employers(a uni) giving a health card?

I just thought I was getting to a patch of blue sky with my university-I finally got the ARC and got paid (5 weeks from the end of the semester). Now I asked for my national health insurance card, and I’ve been informed that I’m not getting one. I asked 3 times before I signed the contract “I get a health card, right?” and was told yes each time. I even had another teacher whose Chinese is better than mine ask in Chinese for me.

Isn’t this illegal? As far as I know, I’m a full-time teacher here (or so I was told when I signed on). I have the contract (which does not mention anything about the health card). Do I have any real cards in my hand in order to get this?

What’s more, is there anyway possible to get out of a year’s contract with a university in Taiwan and still be able to get another job? Or are my only options to stick it out or leave the country?

Yes, it’s totally illegal for them not to pay for your health insurance. Try going to the NHI office near Taipei Main Station if you live in Taipei.


No, I’m in Tainan. Will the NHI office help you force your employer to give you the insurance or something?

I don’t know, but they do have pamphlets in English and Chinese outlining the requirements for the system.