Rescued when she was scheduled to be euthanized... 1 hour

Guys, i found this in facebook, and i want to share it with everyone of you !!!
i didn’t make the video or anything, but i think it deserves to be viewed.

“Caroline Tugwell: this one is for all you animal rescuers out there :slight_smile: makes me wana go to the pound right now!”
Edie was so scared at the shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized yesterday. She was so lucky to have Bronwyne visit the shelter and save her life. I just helped with calming her down and showing everybody how these dogs can be easily managed with a little bit of love and patience. …

Edit"I changed the title because i want more people to see this nice video !!"

Dogs with fur covering their eyes can often become scared and nippy, and it’s usually easily fixed by nothing more than a haircut.

Very impressed with how the guy in the video handled the dog before the cut, though. :thumbsup:

and its amazing how the dog turned from a scary “dangerous” dog into a cute playful and friendly little dog !!! that only proves what the dog whisperer says is truth, dogs dont care about the past, its all about the present… as long as you know what you are doing, you can bring up the best from any dog with love and respect…

I know it should make me happy, but it made me cry. :cry: How that poor wee thing must have suffered.

Brought a tear to my eye…what a touching video …kudos to Eldad…he’s my hero!! :thumbsup: