Reservist Training Letter

Hey Forumosans,

I finished my one year military service back in 2016 (served in the 3rd logistical division up north in Keelung). In 2018 I left Taiwan to have a more permanent life in Germany. Last month I received a notification of “Reservist Training” from the government - you know, the one or two weeks of messing around in the jungle eating crappy food, kind of thing.

Now, my question is the following. I do not have the time nor the motivation to take a break from my job to go back to do this “Reservist Training” - I guess you can call me a… Reservist Dodger :sweat_smile:. I recently called the Military Conscription Office and they told me if I can provide some kind of proof - verified by the Taiwan Embassy (or whatever it’s called), I would be fine. However, they require a CHINESE document verified by the Taiwan Office - which in Europe is a massive pain in the neck (and very expensive) to acquire.

I wanted to ask of Forumosans with personal experiences with the legal aspects of Reservist Training - can I provide an English document? do I need to even bother verifying my documents and sending them back? what was your experience and what steps did you take?

Just like proof of not being married in another country, I would guess you just can translate into Chinese (even by yourself) that document proving you are working, and then take that Chinese document and English document to nearest ROC representative in Germany and have them officially notarize/stamp them.


hey, thanks for the reply. I was actually suggested this from a friend, the self translation thing. Have you tried it before? because as far as I know, notarizing is to verify the translation source is legitimate. I’ve never heard of people getting self-translated documents notarized (unless you are a certified translator of course)

Yes, my wife (gf at time) translated some things and got TECO to stamp it for use in Taiwan.
Same goes in reverse. She translates her birth certificate (in Chinese) into english and got AIT to stamp it.


I see, thanks for the advice. May I also ask which country you did the notarization in?