Residence Permit

will a residence permit allow me to work legally in Taiwan? or do i need a Taiwan ID Card in order to work. It seems that i need to stay 365 days until i obtain the card. so if that is the case does that mean i cannot work for 365 days?

PLease can someone clarify this?

I think the only thing called a “residence visa” is a Joining Family Residence Visa (JFRV) you can get if your spouse is Taiwanese. No other visa gives you open work rights, even with a work visa you can only work at one company.

I am often wrong about these things

it seems that a law passed in May 2003 enables anyone with ARC and permant residancy will be able to work in taiwan without legal restriction.

can someone confirm this?

I think that the ARC would change to a PARC if things are permanent.
If you are married to a Taiwanese you are not automatically a perm. resident, but you do have open work rights.

Citizenship - too many hassles.

There is plenty of information available on the boards. Check it out if you get a chance.

I too, am often wrong about these things.

As far as I am familiar with this matter, you need a work permit to work legally in Taiwan. The usual way is that you get hired by a local firm, with the employment contract (among other documents eg diploma)you apply for a work permit which is necessary to apply for a so called Residence Visa. With this visa you may apply within 15 days for an ARC. As you can see, you need both an ARC and a Resident Visa coz it is somehow connected.

Further, if youare a specialist (eg IT, lawyer) you may apply for a permanent residence after two years of working legally in Taiwan