Residency requirements for Naturalisation

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I was just wondering if someone could confirm the residency requirements to naturalise with a Taiwanese spouse

The residency requirement is below:

Apply for Naturalization
(with more than 3
years of legal residence
and at least 183 days per
year from the day of

Would this mean we could stay in Taiwan for 2 years and 6 months, return to my home country for less than 183 days then return to Taiwan, apply for naturalisation, TARC and a Taiwanese passport, once this is approved return to my home country and renounce my original citizenship?

Just trying to work out the fastest way to apply for naturalisation for myself while also applying for PR of my home country for my husband.

My home country will automatically grant me a PR visa once my citizenship is renounced and I can also resume my citizenship afterwards so there is no problem there and it’s all legal. Legal but 麻煩 haha

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Doing this will likely invalidate your Taiwanese citizenship.

No. It’s legal.

The Act does not restrict ROC nationals from acquiring multiple citizenships of other countries, however it requires the person to give up their original nationality upon naturalisation. Dual nationals are however restricted by Article 20 from holding most public offices in Taiwan. Indeed, many immigrants to Taiwan give up their original nationality, obtain ROC nationality, then apply again for their original nationality—which some countries will restore, some after a waiting period. (Notably, the United States government has no such procedure.) This entire process is fully legal under ROC law, though statistics are not available regarding how many people do this. The Act also permits former nationals of the ROC to apply for restoration of their nationality.


I know some people from the same country as me who have gone through this process :slight_smile:
I’m just curious if I will be leave after 2.5 years, return after 0.5 years, naturalise, then leave.

Our long term plan is to spend 3 years in Taiwan then 3 years in Australia and so on.

Having an Australian PR gives you pretty much all the benefits of Australian citizenship with the exception of the right to vote and government student loans.

I would like to naturalise as this is not the case of a JFRV based ARC, as seen with the recent travel subsidies, bank loans etc

Thanks! Learned something new today.


Thanks for posting this. I’m in the same boat as you, married Australian w. kids (been here 7 years) looking to naturalize. Do you have any updates on how it went for you?

You would have to renounce your Australian Citizenship. You know this. Right?

Do you have an APRC?

Yes I know. Yes I have an APRC

I’m looking into how long it would take to get back as there would be a window of time.

You should be fine to apply right now then. Once attaining the Nationality without household registration, you need to end your Australian citizenship within one year.

Well… according to this, you might be able to keep both if you can get denied at the discretion of the responsible minister.

I would call an Australian immigration lawyer. @fifieldt, do you know any?

Could possibly apply for restoration if you can prove you renounced to avoid hardship. I think this might be a possibility.

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Unfortunately not, but they should be pretty plentiful :slight_smile:

Renouncing Australian citizenship just to get the citizenship of another country is one of the explicitly listed reasons for resumption of citizenship. So in theory there shouldn’t be any issues.

Regarding processing times, the most complicated visas in the Australian system (spouse visas) take 18 months, so my expectation is that resumption of citizenship should take less than that.

The other thing to consider is that the cancellation could potentially also be a long process.

I can’t remember if the (1 year 365 day/3 years 270 day/5 year 183 days) TARC countdown timer starts when naturalization is approved or when you hand in your proof of renunciation. In any case, since you’ll be spending a lot of time in Taiwan waiting for the day you can get household registration, you might be able to get your citizenship back during that period.

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I had a woman at the HHRO tell me it’s fine to do this and not against the law.

Already addressed. :rofl:

Yeah I replied before reading the rest of the thread