Resident Visa and ARC for child

Hi everybody,

I know a lot of people have asked about visa issues, but I still can’t find a straight answer, even through official government websites, so I was hoping to find some advice here.

My daughter and I plan to stay in Taipei for one year. We are now living in Italy.

I have a Taiwanese passport, she has a US passport. She is 12 yrs old and will be attending an American school in Taipei.

Is it possible to apply first for a tourist visa for her to enter Taipei, and then once there, apply for a resident visa and then the ARC? Some sources seem to say that I would need to apply for the resident visa before entering Taiwan.

Please help.



I think both of these options should be open to you. I’m an American woman with a Taiwanese and American son and I’m planning to spend the next year in Taiwan, too.

I was planning on getting a JFRV (Joining Family Resident Visa) to stay in Taiwan with my son, but I’m being told that I can’t do that because he’s a minor and can’t support me. (Last year, when I was planning to come, no one had a problem with this. :s ) But since you are the adult, and you have the Taiwnese passport, you should have no trouble getting a JFRV visa for your daughter. After you get this visa, you apply in Taiwan for her ARC.

Or, you can get a tourist visa for your daughter, and then apply for a resident visa for her, but this will mean paying for another $135 US visa, plus a trip back out of Taiwan again to change the visa, and then applying for the ARC.

So, you have two options, but take it from frustrated me–you’re lucky not to HAVE to shell out double expenses on this. You may have your reasons, but I can’t see any reason not to simply apply for a resident visa for your daughter before you leave, as this is what she will need in order to stay there with you for a year–and you CAN.

(I have to come as a tourist, do the pee-pee and poo-poo tests and paperwork for a job, then leave and get a resident visa sponsored by the boss, THEN, if I’m lucky, I can leave again and get the JFRV because I can show that I can support my child. And every time I do that, it’s another $135 bucks and trip off of the island. If I’m not lucky, I have to wait five years (I think) and apply for the PARK. See–? You’ve got it easy! :wink: )

Thanks, Housecat, for the feedback.

I didn’t realize that applying for a resident visa in Taiwan entailed having to leave th country once again.

I can’t believe how much bureaucracy is involved in getting a resident visa. The Taiwanese consul here in Italy said that I would need to present a household registration certificate, certified within the last 3 months - but I haven’t even been back in Taiwan within the last three months, so how am I supposed to get this certificate?!

But I suppose I have it easier compared to your situation, so I’ll stop venting. :smiley:

Thanks again.


Get her Taiwanese citizenship maybe? She may thank you for it later on? She wont have to relinquish her US citizenship since you have Taiwanese citizenship.

Tommy, yes, that’s a good idea, I had thought about getting her Taiwanese citizenship, but that would be step-two, I think.

Could someone please give me the pinyin translation for “Alien Registration Card”?


jū líu zhèng

thank you Spaint!