Resident visa + arc cancellation


All I want is my resident visa and ARC cancelled and get out of the country legally…I might well return to do chinese lessons and teach part time.

I am waiting for the government to be informed I am no longer working at my school and therefore waiting to fly to Hong Kong and get another visitor visa and start the process again…does anyone know the exact process and how long it takes…I have been told it’s in the school’s interest as they will continue to incur taxes…any comments gratefully received.


uou probably won’t be notified. Anyway, you can always just go and apply. From my limited understanding (you should search the archives where this is better advice!) whatever visa you are on dissolves when you recieve another.


Wanna swap?

I stay here on your visa and you leave on mine? Probably wouldn’t work.

I’ve just had mine cancelled too. Apparently (the Brit Trade & Culture Off called the police for me) it takes a while for word to filter down, but you evenually get a letter giving you seven days to get out of the country.

This is not gospel, but… if you have another job, or reason to be staying, then you can extend your existing visa and begin the process all over again without leaving the country - as long as you put in the paperwork before the seven days are up.

Of course, the realities of how that works will depend on the person handling the paperwork. And the source of my information may have got it wrong, or have their own ideas, but it’s worth a go. I’ll be trying it that way first if a decent job comes along.

Trouble is I want to be picky about the job I take, and don’t want to be up against a deadline like this. I guess you’re in the same boat.

I had a friend - well, someone I worked with - who claimed that he had simply bought his tickets and handed in his ARC at the airport. Told 'em he was leaving, and got a new visa the same day in Hong Kong. It all sounds plausible, but before I came here I believed I could work and get paid every month without any problems too.

Keep in touch.